Active Grant Projects

We Need to Talk: Correcting Misinformation through Political Discussions
UWM Discovery and Innovation Grant. 2021-2022.

Manuscripts Under Review

Everyone Cares about Fairness: Why Morality Doesn’t Fit in a Bag of Words
with Robert Klemmensen. Invitation to revise and resubmit at British Journal of Political Science.

Women Also Know Stuff: Challenging the Gender Gap in Political Sophistication
Invitation to revise and resubmit at the American Political Science Review.

When Information is Not Good Enough: Individual Preconditions for Strategic Voting
with Benjamin Schlegel and Lukas Stoetzer. Under review.

The Perils of Protest: Complaints About Police Misconduct Have Adverse Effects for Black Citizens
with Benjamin J. Newman. Under review.

Selected Work in Progress

It’s a Matter of Choice: Misinformation Correction under Selective Exposure
with Amanda Heideman, Taraleigh Davis, and Jason T. Neumeyer. In preparation for submission.

Don’t Shoot the Messenger: The Role of Expert Cues in Correcting Misinformation on Climate Change
with Nicholas R. Davis, Shin Young Park, and Chan Song Kim. Data collection in progress.

We Need to Talk: Correcting Misinformation Through Political Discussions
with Enes Ayasli, Nasrin Haghighat Chaleshtari, and Jennifer Jerit. Data collection in progress.

No-Blame Republicans and No-Credit Democrats: Does Partisanship Trump Accountability in Handling COVID-19?
with Yanna Krupnikov and John B. Ryan. Preparing further data collection.

Intersectional Representation and Political Engagement: The Impact of Race and Gender on Women’s Political Attitudes and Engagement
with Kathleen Dolan and Amanda Heideman. Preparing further data collection.

Change My View: Do Moral Appeals Facilitate Compromise?
Preparing further data collection.