I am a Ramón y Cajal Fellow at the Juan March Institute of Social Sciences at Carlos III University of Madrid. I am also an affiliated faculty in political science at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and organizer of the Experimental Politics Lab at the department. I received my PhD in political science from Stony Brook University. My research focuses on the psychological underpinnings of political attitudes, reasoning, and behavior. I am especially interested in the development and application of new statistical methods in the area of political psychology. For example, I use quantitative text analysis to study how citizens discuss and justify their political preferences and beliefs in open-ended survey responses as well as online discussions.

Outside of academia, I enjoy cycling, hiking, climbing, and photography. I am also a fan of the German card game Skat. Here’s a little Shiny app that keeps track of our group’s game statistics.

For additional information, please see my CV as well as my research page. You can also find my code on GitHub.